Thursday, January 5, 2012


One of the downfalls of training on your own is not having someone to encourage you to try different ways of handling.  Since the weather was so very nice today and is expected to be pretty nice for the next few days, I decided to set up Kathy Keats' Exercise of the Month for January, 2012, and try to run each exercise with as many variations that I could think of.

This is the first of Kathy's sequences.  I mapped out four major different ways to handle it.  The first, in the upper left, is the way I'd normally handle it.  The upper right figure shows how I'd handle it from a "bonus line."  The lower left represents a way that would not really be favored by me under normal circumstances.  The final figure shows another way I thought of to run the course after I did the editing of today's video.  Perhaps, I'll give it a try tomorrow.

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