Saturday, January 7, 2012

Running A-Frame - 8

I've continued to work almost every day with Belle on her running A-frame.  The PVC box is completely in the yellow, and I have removed an eight inch section from the top piece of it as I begin to fade it.  The A-frame is still at about 4'6".  I'm not doing as many reps since Belle has the basic idea.  I'm also doing at least one pass beginning from the side with the box and ending with the side without.  I'm having Belle do that one from a stay position, and she's getting better and better about hitting the yellow without the box.  (Note:  This is most definitely not part of Rachel Sander's method.)


Well, I set up the video camera so I could make sure we're still on track.  Unfortunately, I found that Belle is hitting high in the yellow and she is not hitting with all four feet.  You'll notice on the video, I thought she hit the yellow with all four feet every time.  Shows how important it is to video each practice session.


  1. I may have missed it in an earlier post, but is there a reason why you did away with the stride regulator? It seemed to make her a bit more thoughtful about jumping the apex and thus helped her land a bit deeper. In these clips she is just skimming the top and landing high before pouncing into the contact zone -- I wonder if the stride regulator should be revisited?

  2. I stopped using the stride regulator because it is another prop to fade. Yesterday, I tried moving the top of the box about 1" below the top of the yellow. That resulted in Belle landing lower in the box. However, the leading fore, more times than not, landed on the edge of the box. Perhaps, I'll try using the stride regulator for a couple of days and see if I can get Belle to land a little further from the apex.

    The other problem I found is that if I try moving the stride regulator more than 20" or so from the apex, Belle puts in a stride before it instead of going longer.