Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday Night Run-Thrus at the QCDC

Despite the cold temps last night, we made the trip to Davenport for the QCDC's Thursday night run-thru.  Belle was nailed the running A-frame before and after the run-thrus, but not during them :-(  This morning I raised the A-frame to 5'3" in the field and Belle nailed the apex stride 5 out of 5 times and placed all four paws in the yellow 4 out of 5 times.

The first run on the video is how I would run this course in a trial.  I was very pleased at how well Belle did the running dogwalk on the first run despite the position of the next obstacle.  The approach to the A-frame isn't one I really feel Belle is ready for, but since I do plan to trial while we're re-working Belle's A-frame, I decided I'd run the course the way is was set at least once.  When re-training to a running A-frame, it is important to never, ever ask for a TOTO.  You have to commit to the re-train and accept that if you trial during the re-train period, your dog may miss the A-frame contact.

On our second run, I decided to devise my own opening so that Belle would have a straight shot at the A-frame.  (It didn't really help all that much.)  I also wanted to try running on the left side of the teeter and pushing Belle to the weaves.  For this old handler, that turned out to be a poor choice since it made it harder for me to get to the landing side of #20 for a front or blind cross.

One last thing that I wish I would have tried on this course:  I normally do not go into a pinwheel so that I can stay ahead of Belle.  However, the way the closing was set, it was possible to go into the pinwheel and get around to the right upright of the panel jump in plenty of time to run toward #20 and finish the course.

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