Sunday, February 5, 2012

Frame Fun - Variations on Exercise 6

What a beautiful day it is outside.  The sun is shining and there is no wind!!!  I worked on the sixth exercise from Nancy Gyes' "Frame Fun" with Belle and Libby.  Belle did really well today.  I noticed while editing the video that I didn't reinforce her A-frame performance with a "yes."  Although it didn't faze her in the least since I haven't used any NRM's while training the running A-frame, it still couldn't hurt to emphasize that she is doing a really good thing when she hits the yellow.

I also gave the sequence a go with Libby.  You'll notice she's not as motivated as Belle so I had to resort to carrying around her special toy--a soccer ball.  I haven't really done any serious running contact training with Libby, but she has had plenty of experience leaping over the yellow--she loves to fly.  When we tried it the first time, I assumed she put in three strides on the downside and missed the yellow.  However, the magic of slow-motion video showed me she clearly did the descent with one stride.  I'm glad that I placed the stride regulator a little higher for Libby than I did for Belle.  She came down exactly where she needed to in order to hit the yellow on her next stride.

I had decided last month to forgo working on a running dogwalk until the weather was warmer.  However, I've been working indoors with a travel board to increase Belle's drive into a 2o2o position, and it seems to be working.  Since a running dogwalk is much harder to train (IMHO) and because lots of USDAA courses really, really test the abilities of the handler whose dog does a running dogwalk, I may not re-attempt teaching Belle a running dogwalk.

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