Saturday, February 4, 2012

Frame Fun - Part Two

The fog condensed on the contact equipment yesterday and froze, so Belle and I had a day of rest.  Today, it is quite windy and about 36°, so we had a go at exercises three and four from Nancy Gyes' Frame Fun.

I over-pushed on exercise three and had a devil of a time getting Belle to come through the hoop at the end of the exercise.  On exercise four, I could have easily relied on a push to the tunnel after the A-frame, but I wanted to see what Belle would do if I did a blind cross.

Looking at the A-frame performances, none were as deep as I would like.  However, each and every descent was done in two strides, and Belle did manage to at least nick the yellow every time.  Additionally, it looks like I'll have to put marks on the A-frame so I know exactly where to place the stride regulator, since even the frames done with the SR were not as deep into the yellow as I would have hoped.

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