Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Running A-Frame - 02/01/2012

Despite the snow, we've been going out almost every day to work on Belle's running A-frame.  We do four to six A-frames (without the stride regulator) and then spend 10 minutes or so playing--mostly find the tennis ball in the snow :-)  With the warm weather we've had over the last two or three days, the snow is about 90% gone.  So today I set up a short course around the A-frame to test Belle's ability to do a running A-frame when I do a front or blind cross right before it.  Since this is a skill we haven't worked on yet, I put the stride regulator on for the first few attempts.

Then came the moment to remove the training wheels and see what Belle would do.  I wasn't able to move fast enough to see if Belle did the descents in two strides when I did the front crosses, so I opted for a blind cross which enabled me to get far enough ahead to see what Belle did.

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