Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frame Fun - Variations on Exercise 7

Although we put in too much time working on the A-frame yesterday, I decided since Belle was eager to go out and play, we'd give Exercise 7 a go today.  It is almost as cold as yesterday and there is a stiff wind out of the north, but once again we have dodge the snow and/or freezing rain that was predicted.

In Exercise 7, the approach to the A-frame begins behind and to the right of the plane of the start of the A-frame.  The handler has two choices here:  1) She begin with a running start, using enough lateral distance to manage the push to the hoop after the A-frame.  I felt this gave Belle the most momentum.  2) The handler can lead out laterally and behind the dog and use a start line stay.  I felt Belle didn't develop quite enough momentum given the approach to the A-frame in this sequence.

I used Lisa Selthofer suggestions for Micro Training and you will see two of our three "one minute" sessions in the video.  Once again, I really liked the result.  Although I would have preferred a slightly lower hit in the yellow, given the angle of approach, Belle did a very nice job.  I notice that I could have kept up a higher energy level between sequences--it should be easier to do that when the weather is nice.

(Due to wind noise, I replaced the original audio track with music.)

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