Thursday, February 21, 2013

Running Contacts - Session 12

I've pretty much thrown out the guidelines I came up with last week with the exception of trying to cut down the number of reps we do in a session.  Yesterday, I was very bad, but today I was very good.  I was really surprised how much more energy I put into today's session knowing we'd only be doing 10-12 reps.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that I could indicate to the camera which of Belle's feet I saw hit.  (I did the same thing today.)  It was a very humbling experience.  I very obviously am much more in tune to her rear feet than I am to her front.  Yesterday's session was even more depressing for me since for the first time, I mis-called four reps--rewarding two misses and failing to reward two hits.  Made me wonder if Susan Garrett is right about being too old to see.  However, I've videoed every session except one, and I haven't made even close to that many miscalls before.  I don't usually catch it when the only foot in the contact zone is a front foot close to the edge of the board, but that's not a behavior I want to reward anyway.  (Nor is barely hitting the top of the yellow a behavior I want to mark.)

Even though yesterday didn't go all that well, I decided to add a hoop before the board so Belle would be really running before she got to the board.  I discovered that if I didn't throw the ball soon enough, she looked at me jumped over the yellow.  You'll see that happen on one of today's reps when I was late throwing the ball.  It went surprisingly well with the hoop yesterday, so I decided to use it again today.

I also used a NRM twice in today's session.  Belle ran off the side of the board five times.  Toward the end, she did it three consecutive times and I stopped her from getting the ball.  I also stopped her when she ran by the hoop and the board on our 7th rep.  Silvia Trkman says this is a problem that takes care of itself once the board is at a greater angle to the ground.  Hope she's correct.

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