Monday, February 18, 2013

Sometimes Good Enough is Good Enough

We trialed on Saturday and hit 7 out of 8 contacts.  The one we missed was a dog walk and we missed it because I was racing Belle to the finish line.  She basically extended her stride so much that it carried her over the yellow.  From what I saw on the video, all of the A-frames were two strides on the descent which put Belle's front feet way closer to the top of the yellow than I would like.  I'm really hoping she will eventually change over to a one stride descent.  The dog walk contacts, on the other hand, all looked pretty good with the one exception.

Yesterday, we took a break from agility, and I laid a track for Belle.  She did really well, and followed a 500' track to its end in about two minutes flat.  This morning though, we did our 10th running contact session.  Our success rate was only 37%, but I was pleased anyway.  I think that Belle is very likely to miss the contact if I am standing too far back and am not far enough to the side to place a bit of pressure on her line.  Definitely one of the variables we will address once she is hitting the contact zone consistently.

I had the brilliant idea mid-way through this morning's session to record what I thought I saw Belle's feet do.  Guess Susan Garrett has a point.  I didn't do very well spotting which foot hit where.  On the other hand, I didn't reward any attempts I should have and I didn't fail to reward any that I should have.  (I did almost mistakenly say "yes" on one rep.)  Hopefully, my eye will get better at spotting each foot, but even if it doesn't, apparently I do how I want the contact performance to look.


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